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Location: Newton, MA
Vehicle: 1993 Mazda RX-7 R1
Exterior Color: Competition Yellow Mica
Interior Color: Black
Specs: Engine: Street Ported, pulley kit, ASP Large Race Intercooler,
Trev Dagley custom intake, Cosmo high pressure fuel pump, Mazda Comp radiator, Magnecor 10mm ignition wires, Petit replacement AST, Mind Train down and mid pipe coated, Supertrapp muffler,5th gear not overdrive, Dual Force Clutch, 11 lb. flywheel, A/C removed
Suspension: Coil overs 850/550, JRZ two way adjustable shocks with remote reserves, front sway bar mount supports by Tripoint, front rails reinforced, Pettit solid bushing trailing arms, (trailing arm attachment modified for race wheel clearance)
Brake system: AP CP 5200 12.4 x 1.1' fronts with separate hats, Mazda larger rears with Wilwood calipers, Custom carbon kevlar ducts, ABS removed, twin masters, metal braided brake lines
Whels and tires: CCW 17 x 10, Hoosier 275 x 40
Exterior: Mazda '99 front splitter, Desch Motors custom two plane rear wing, no headlights
Interior: Lap time display, boost gauge, additonal water temp gauge, PFS pink computer, J&S ignition retard box and display, small battery relocated, Momo small steering wheel, C's quick shifter, Autopower roll bar, five point harness driver and passenger, Butler aluminum driver's seat