More Winter Storage Advice

by Larry

I've been running "summer" cars for several years and storing them in the winter. Here are some tips:

  1. If it will be stored in garage with a cement floor, put a plastic tarp down under the car. This will resist moisture from rusting (Learned this when I had a very rust prone MGB). also cover the car with a breathable cover. I use old bed sheets.

  2. Leave the windows open a crack. afer having a mouse eat thru some wires on my MG, I also put a small bag of mothballs in the interior, under the hood and in the trunk area.

  3. If the antifreeze has not been changed, now's a good time to do it. also have thew oil changed just prior to storage. Fill the gas tank and add gasoline stabilizer to it. run the car for a bit to dispense the stabilizer.

  4. Make sure tha battery is fully charged.

  5. I start mine every 2 weeks and run it for at least 10-15 minutes. If the roads are dry, I run it around the block 6-7 times to move the transmission and diff fluids. Be cafeful, the brakes will have some surface rust and will not be as strong immeditaly.

  6. The body should be cleaned and waxed prior to storage.

  7. Do not put in on blocks or take off the tires. In an emergency you won't be able to move it. If you can roll it out at least once per month enough to rotate the tires, they should not end up on the same spot. Even if you can't move it, the tires will not flat spot in my experience.

  8. Keep active on this newgroup and start planning what reparis and improvements you want to start on later. I usally start woking on the car with preventative maintence in mid to late February when I'm starting to go into major RX-7 withdrawl.

written by: Larry []