Winter Storage Advice

by Neil

I've been parking mine for the winters and haven't had any problems yet. Here's what I'd recommend:

    Flush and fill the oil and coolant (all the crap might solidify if you don't)

    Top up the gas tank so it won't rust inside.

    Top up everything else.

    Wash it top to bottom (use the under car sprayer like the one at the WHALE on McLeod) to prevent long term paint staining, and wax it with NU-Finish.

    Treat the tires, door seals, vinyl, belts and hoses etc.

I run mine every three weeks. Wait until the temp guage starts to move then run it up and down the driveway a few times. Work the brakes and steering. Pull the parking break, but don't use it while it's sitting - it can stick - use wheel blocks instead. Chalk the front tire on the bottom so you don't park it in the same position. Could take out the battery or disconnect it (I never have and haven't had any trouble). I just trickle charge it for a while before I start it (and sometimes after if it was hard to start).

written by: Neil []