Cars and Their Owners

Four men were discussing their careers and the vehicles they drove.

"Hey did you ever notice our vehicles match with our careers?", said the first fellow. "I'm a veterinarian, So naturally, I drive a white 'Vette'.

The men smiled in amusement.

"I'm a pharmacist", said the second fellow. "So, naturally, I drive a red RX-7.

The third man continued, "I run a sign company, so I drive a purple Neon".

The men smiled and the first three now looked at the fourth to hear his answer. However, the fourth man was unusually quiet. The first three men prodded him to answer since they had each given theirs. "Come on, Dr. Jimmy, what are you driving these days?"

"Well", he finally spoke, "As you know I'm a proctologist and I drive a brown Probe."

Submitted by Dean Smith