Racing Harness Information

by John Levy

Is the buckle syle worth the extra cost over the lever syle?
I've run both, and prefer the ones with the cam lock as it doesn't take as long to get into.

5 point or 4 point, is the submarine strap necessary?
Besides the safety factor the submarine is a great help in keeping the lap belt from rising up when you tighten the shoulder harness.

Is a 2 strap should mount preferred over a Y strap? (i.e. shoulder belts meeting to one mount point to the frame?
The 2 strap is preferable and for some groups the Y is not allowed.

Finally and possibly most important, How do you anchor the shoulder belt if you don't have a cage? Going straight down to the seat mounts would potentially cause spine compression in a crash, right?
You want the shoulder harness to be attached almost shoulder height.

written by: John Levy