89 - 91 RX-7 Gauge Cluster Swap

One of the changes the 89 - 91 RX-7's recieved was a whole new Gauge Layout. 160mph Speedometer, 9000 RPM Tach, and Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, Water Temp, and Volt needles that point to "8 o'clock" at rest instead of "9 o'clock". The whole layout looks much smoother than in the 86-88's. Plus, the 9grand tach and 160mph speedo help the ego.

To swap the two sets, several things must be changed. The Speedo will not swap over, so should be changed to reflect the correct mileage (not sure how the Fed's will like that) or just remember what mileage the old tach stopped at and the new one starts at. Secondly, the whole metering harness needs to be re-wired. After several hours of reading wireing diagrams and testing and switching, I found where each wire needs to go.

88 Gauge Cluster 89 Gauge Cluster

To remove the wire from the connector, you have to place a small, flat blade screwdriver into the front side of the connector (not the side with the wires comming out of it). You can see the tab that you have to lift up (slightly, don't break it off!). Once you lift it up, you can pull the wire out. You can see the tab better in a hole where there is no wire. To install the wire, all you have to do is push it back in. Below are the diagrams showing the new location of the wire.


All Diagrams are Shown from the front with the wires comming out the back.

The Black Connector wires look like this: The White Connector wires look like this:
1 Green w/ Red Stripe 1 Black
2 Black w/ White Stripe 2 Red w/White Stripe (Smaller wire)
3 Blue 3 Yellow w/ Red Stripe
4 Black 4 Empty
5 Red w/ Green Stripe 5 Yellow w/ Black Stripe
6 Empty 6 Yellow w/ White Stripe
7 Green w/ White Stripe 7 Empty
8 Empty 8 Empty
9 Brown w/ White Stripe 9 Yellow w/ Blue Stripe
10 Brown 10 Green w/ Black Stripe
11 Empty 11 Red w/ White Stripe
12 Black w/ Yellow Stripe 12 White w/ Green Stripe

There are a few wires that look similar, so here is where each wire comes out of the harness connector and where is goes to the white or black connector

(Harness Position) (Wire color) -- (Connector) (Connector Position)

Example : 1 Green w/ Red Stripe -- White 1

1st wire is Green w/ Red Stripe,that goes to the white connector in positon 1 on the diagram above

1 Green w/ Red Stripe -- White 1 2 Green w/ White Stripe -- White 7 3 Yellow w/ Blue Stripe -- Black 9
4 Red w/ White Stripe -- Black 2 5 White w/ Green Stripe -- Black 12 6 Yellow w/ Red Stripe -- Black 3
7 Brown -- White 10 8 Black -- Black 1 9 Black w/ White Stripe -- White 2
10 Empty 11 Blue -- White 3 12 Black -- White 4
13 Green w/ Black Stripe -- Black 10 14 Yellow w/ White Stripe -- Black 6 15 Red w/ Green Stripe -- White 5
16 Red w/ White Stripe -- Black 11 17 Brown w/ White Stripe -- White 9 18 Black w/ Yellow Stripe -- White 12
19 Yellow w/ Black Stripe -- Black 5 20 Empty 21 Empty

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