Autocross - 2000 and Beyond

by Andrew Bettencourt

You have heard about it, you may even have seen it. Now you think you want to try it. Autocross, or Solo2 as it referred to Nationally, is a way for you to probe the peak performance of your street car while developing your driving skills beyond what you ever thought possible.

Autocross is one of the least expensive ways to get involved in racing. The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has many Divisions and Regions across the country, probably with race sites within a couple hours of where you are right now. A complete list of the Divisions and Regions within can be found at:

Almost every car is eligible to race. The SCCA has classified cars into groups based on their performance capabilities. A complete list of these classes can be found at:

OK, I'm ready to give it a try, what do I do next? Take a look at this next link. It provides detailed information on topics like:
        Car Tips
        Driver Tips
        How to get involved
        Where to go and what time to be there

I love it! What kind of things can I win? Locally, prizes ranging from small trophies to Championship Jackets are given out. The SCCA has 2 'National' Series, the Solo2 National Tour and ProSolo.

The Solo2 National Tour is a series of 8 events that travels around the country. Top drivers travel as far as 1000 miles to compete for contingency money that manufacturers put up for the winners. For more information on this series, look here:

ProSolo is a specialized for of autocross where two cars run side by side on mirror image Solo2 courses with a drag-race start. Large contingency payouts are obtainable. For more information on ProSolo, look here: If you want to check out some of the cars that compete in Solo2 and ProSolo (including my car with my 1999 co-driver, Nate Draper at the wheel), go here:

Are there some sort of National Finals? Every year, in Topeka, KS, the SCCA Solo2 National Championships are held. Almost 1000 drivers from all over the country come together for 1 week in September to battle for the coveted title of National Champion in their respective classes. Information on this years event isn't up yet, but for a taste of the 1999 action, go here:

About the author: Andy Bettencourt has been an avid autocrosser in SCCA's New England Region for over 9 years. Andy is a multi-time Regional and Divisional champion with both National Tour wins and ProSolo wins to his credit. Currently the Chief Operating Steward for the NER SCCA, he is also the Chief of Protest for the club as well. If you have any questions about Solo2, the NER, the SCCA, car setup, or just generic items, please feel free to e-mail him at He is a member of a few Internet mailing lists so catch his attention in your subject line!

written by: Andrew Bettencourt